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Great Alien Debates
 Astrobiology Magazine organized a debate about alien life for NASA’s 2006 Astrobiology Science Conference. In this seven-part series, panelists debated everything from how to define “life” to what kind of strange aliens we can expect to find in our explorations.
Great Impact Debates
 Experts on asteroids and comets discuss the past, present, and future effects of Earth impacts, as well as other interesting aspects about these solar system wanderers.
Rare Earth
 The book "Rare Earth" by Peter Ward and Donald Brownlee suggests complex life is rare in the universe, and may even be unique to Earth. If life does occur elsewhere, the authors contend, it will only be in the form of single-celled microbial life such as bacteria. The panelists in this debate explore the factors required to make a planet habitable, and ask whether complex life is common or rare.
Terraforming Debate
 At NASA’s 2004 Astrobiology Science Conference, scientists and science fiction writers faced off in front of a packed audience to debate the promise and pitfalls of turning Mars into a planet like Earth.
Alien Safari
 During NASA’s 2008 Astrobiology Science Conference, a panel of scientists discussed different types of planets where we might find alien life.
The Great Exoplanet Debate
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