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  • 2007
Ongoing Alien Worlds
The University of Glamorgan, with the European Social Fund, is offering the public the opportunity to explore the night sky and discuss the possibility of intelligent life elsewhere. No prior knowledge is required and telescopes and other equipment are available. A free book accompanies the course. Our
unique BSc Astrobiology course is also available.
  Astrobiology Lecture Course Network
The full expertise in Astrobiology is not always available in one place or at a single university. To overcome this problem, experts from the different fields of Astrobiology in several universities and at ESA agreed to gather in an Astrobiology Lecture Course Network.

All lectures available as video on-demand
  World Space Week
Declared by the UN, World Space Week is the largest annual public space event on Earth. It is organized by the global space and education communities.
  National Space Centre, UK
Simulated missions at "Challenger Learning Centre" - Rendezvous with a Comet, Voyage to Mars, Encounter Earth.
  Starchaser Educational Outreach Success
Starchaser's Space4schools Outreach Programme will have visited 212 schools between 1 August 2005 and 31 July 2006. Some 139 of these were high school visits, with the remainder being made up of primary schools. In total, Starchaser has engaged with over 257,000 school children over this period.