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Speed of Change

By Alison Hawkes There’s been a lot of speculation about how fast climate change can happen. Are we talking a Day After Tomorrow scenario or something that slowly builds over time? Can you predict the warning signs of a tipping point? A couple of papers caught my interest recently from leading science journals that show just how dramatically change can occur – and within a human lifetime – surprising since many natural processes seem to pass at, well, geologic time. One study... [Read more]

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Category : Climate Science and Scientists, Climates of the Past


by Erica Rex Although we all like to think the world began the day we were born, and will end the day we die, in fact some of the very conservation issues being discussed in Copenhagen this week began life and were legislated about by political leaders very long ago. Dr. Roger Short, who originally trained as a veterinarian, is a leading expert in reproduction at Melbourne University in Australia. He also collects antiquarian books. One of his books, John Manwood’s book of 1615, A Treatise... [Read more]

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Category : Climates of the Past

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