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Climate and Her

By Alison Hawkes We all know that the poor, especially in developing countries, will be hardest hit by climate change and yet they are the ones who contribute least to it. Who are the world’s poor? Well, 70 percent of them are women. A UK group, Women’s Environmental Network, released a report this week that takes a closer look at the gender inequalities that climate change is exacerbating. Gender and the Climate Change Agenda finds that women are more likely to die or suffer from climate... [Read more]

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Category : The Politics of Climate Change

Hole in the Earth

By Alison Hawkes I’ve always wondered how mountaintop coal mining – in which an entire peak of a mountain is blasted away to reveal the underlying coal – could possibly pass U.S. environmental muster. You can’t even dump a soda can into a stream legally, so how does a company completely change the contour of a mountain, fill the excess pilings into stream beds, and call it a day? Yet there it is, and despite a series of thorny legal challenges the practice has actually... [Read more]

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Category : The man made climate

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