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Climate does cause earthquakes, but at speed of geologic time

What does the earthquake in Japan have to do with climate change? Nothing, is the easiest response. Yet I’ve been hearing such leaps of association, tossed off like some conspiracy of nature against the human race. But just when you get comfortable with your own answers to life’s questions, out of nowhere hurls some sticky complication. An article published recently in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters backs up the idea that earthquakes and climate change are interrelated. I’ve... [Read more]

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Category : The Oceans

Russian heat wave in 2010 not caused by climate change

Last summer Russia suffered a debilitating heat wave, its hottest since 1880, making Russian officials for the first time into advocates for stemming climate change (Russia doesn’t have a great reputation on the topic). But alas, as much as it would help the climate change cause to link yet another heat wave to global temperature rise, a new study says that Russia experienced a fluke unrelated to the trend last year that made 2010 the hottest on record. Smoke from wildfires over Moscow during... [Read more]

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Category : Climate Science and Scientists

Study: scientists should stress known facts about climate change to public

Why is it that as the science gets stronger around climate change, public belief gets weaker? It’s not just Americans who are becoming more and more unsure about whether scientists believe climate change is real. In mainland Europe and Britain, people are expressing more uncertainty in polls, according to a paper published in late March in the online journal Nature Climate Change. The public faith in science is still strong, as demonstrated by the way climate skeptics use science-like language... [Read more]

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Category : Climate Science and Scientists

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