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Lakes important source of carbon emissions

How carbon is accounted around the globe for can be a tricky matter. Carbon moves from the land and sea into the atmosphere and back again. Too much in the atmosphere and we’ve got climate change. But figuring out where it’s all coming from is no small matter. Scientists at the University of Helsinki this week published a paper in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, highlighting a source of emissions previously undetected. Lakes, it turns out, can be a big contributor to atmospheric... [Read more]

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Category : The man made climate

Can the planet sustain 7 billion people?

The world’s human population is expected to hit 7 billion people by the end of October. Almost no one is taking that number in as cause for celebration. In fact, 7 billion comes with quite a bit of angst, since 8 billion is projected in a mere 15 years and 9 billion by 2050, says the U.N. The U.N.’s assumption is that the world can absorb all these new people. But does the demographic forecast doesn’t square with the environmental one? Humanity long ago overshot its sustainability.... [Read more]

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Category : The man made climate

Power of shame in solving climate impasse

The world is awash in low-carbon technologies that aim to put the breaks on climate change. But perhaps a more limiting factor in solving the problem is the lack of “social technologies.” From politicians to everyday consumers to corporations, there seems to be a lack of incentives to act green. UK journalist John Whitfield nailed the issue on the head in the latest issue of the journal Nature Climate Change. Whitfield, who has a book coming out next month called, People Will Talk: The... [Read more]

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Category : The Politics of Climate Change

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