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Antarctic ice sheet may be more durable than thought

The stability of Antarctic ice has long concerned climate scientists. If the west Antarctic ice sheet’s base were to collapse, global sea levels could shoot up by five meters. But new research shows the ice could be a bit more tough than scientists thought. In a study published online last month in the geo-science journal Palaeogeograpy, Palaeoclimtology, Palaeoecology, University of Exeter-led geographer Christopher Fogwill and colleagues found that blue-ice moraines in West Antarctica fluctuated... [Read more]

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Category : Climates of the Past

In deep waters

Antarctic Bottom Water sounds like it’s frigidly cold, and it is. It’s the densest water in the ocean, made from open ocean water that’s cooled by surrounding polar ice that then sinks. As it’s replenished, the bottom water spreads northward like an icy chill and drives the ocean conveyor belt. It’s been thought that it would take centuries for warming surface waters to penetrate such depths. But new research published in the recent journal Science finds that climate... [Read more]

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