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Oceans away

As I reported earlier, new research is showing the intimate connections between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans during past major climate events. Just because an ocean is an ocean away, doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel the impact of, say, the collapse of the Atlantic conveyor belt, as happened as the last Ice Age ended some 17,000 years ago. Now another study of around the same time period was published recently by researchers at Oregon State University in the journal Earth and Planetary... [Read more]

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In deep waters

Antarctic Bottom Water sounds like it’s frigidly cold, and it is. It’s the densest water in the ocean, made from open ocean water that’s cooled by surrounding polar ice that then sinks. As it’s replenished, the bottom water spreads northward like an icy chill and drives the ocean conveyor belt. It’s been thought that it would take centuries for warming surface waters to penetrate such depths. But new research published in the recent journal Science finds that climate... [Read more]

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Biggest of them all

Mention Arctic ice melt and the first image to come to mind is the northern Atlantic. Mostly Greenland. Sometimes the far reaches of Canada or Iceland. Maybe it’s because the northern Atlantic is the same ocean that researchers from major institutions dip their toes in in 100-plus degree heat waves. But way out in the Pacific, researchers at the University of Hawaii are taking a different look at the climate. In a paper published this week in the journal Science, oceanographer Axel Timmermann... [Read more]

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Microbial pump

The journal Science has devoted an entire issue to exploring the way the oceans are rapidly transforming in response to climate change and other factors. It’s worth taking a peek into this extensive sweep of research; the oceans, after all, account for 70 percent of the Earth’s surface and are the least explored part of the globe. I’ll be looking at a number of the papers published in the issue largely because of the growing sense I’ve felt from an accumulation of news stories... [Read more]

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