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Too warm or too cold? Scientists find clear warming trend

The past two years have been marked by extreme weather in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s been either too warm and too cold. “Snowmaggedon” in the Northeast turned into this summer’s record-breaking sweat fest. The two extremes don’t cancel each other out, however. On the whole, the warm weather has beaten out the cold in frequency and magnitude, say Scripps Institute of Oceanography scientists. Moreover, they say that the cold weather can be explained by a natural climate... [Read more]

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Category : Climate Science and Scientists

Climate change as a matter of weather frequency

Experts in the field of “climate communications” (yes, there is one), say this summer’s record-breaking temperatures across the country will have little long term impact once snowy weather sinks in this winter. Yes, people are that ADD when it comes to having a weather memory. Part of the confusion is that as weather changes, all the vagaries can chart people off course and keep them from seeing the bigger picture of climate. Now, if sweltering summers become the norm, or the expectation,... [Read more]

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Summer heat hitting new “normal” under climate change

Climate change may  take some of the joy out of summertime. Imagine sunbathing, picnic-ing, or camping in an extreme heat wave. Such temperatures may become the new “normal” in the coming decades, particularly in the tropics and the Northern Hemisphere. That’s according to research out of Stanford University, which analyzed more than 50 climate model simulations of 21st century temperatures under elevated greenhouse gas levels. “According to our projections, large areas... [Read more]

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Category : The man made climate

Russian heat wave in 2010 not caused by climate change

Last summer Russia suffered a debilitating heat wave, its hottest since 1880, making Russian officials for the first time into advocates for stemming climate change (Russia doesn’t have a great reputation on the topic). But alas, as much as it would help the climate change cause to link yet another heat wave to global temperature rise, a new study says that Russia experienced a fluke unrelated to the trend last year that made 2010 the hottest on record. Smoke from wildfires over Moscow during... [Read more]

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Category : Climate Science and Scientists

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