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Warming Arctic unleashing toxic chemicals

Photo: NASA A decade after nations banded together to ban some of the most persistent toxic chemicals, they are now leaching back out into the environment as the planet warms. In a study published in the July 24 online edition of the journal Nature Climate Change, researchers led by the Air Quality Research Division of Environment Canada examined concentrations of so-called “persistent organic pollutants” (POPs) at two Arctic monitoring stations in Svalbard, Norway and Canada. These long-lasting... [Read more]

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Category : Climate Science and Scientists

Earlier phytoplankton blooms in Arctic could affect food chain

Tiny phytoplankton are taking to warmer Arctic waters by blooming almost two months earlier in the spring season. A new study published in the April edition of the journal Global Change Biology says that the earlier bloom has consequences for the Arctic food chain and carbon cycling. A phytoplankton bloom larger than the size of Greece in the Barents Sea. Photo: European Space Agency. It may sound like a good thing. Phytoplankton, the nutritive basis for much of ocean life, stimulates the production... [Read more]

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Category : Climate Science and Scientists

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