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Great Debates Rare Earth
Rare Earth Back
Part 1: Complex Life Elsewhere in the Universe?
Topic: Alien Life
The panelists ask whether the Earth's history provides us with examples of conditions that might be encountered on other planets.

Part 2: How far away is our E.T neighbor?
Topic: Mars
How far away is our E.T. Neighbor? Our distinguished experts consider the likelihood of life elsewhere in our solar system.

Part 3: Odds of Complex Life
Topic: Meteorites, Comets and Asteroids
What are the conditions necessary for multi-cellular life and the speed at which it evolves?

Part 4: Lifetime of Complex Life
Topic: Spaceship Earth
Stars grow hotter as they age, and habitable planets orbiting them become uninhabitable. How long can complex life flourish?

Part 5: FermiĀ“s Paradox: Where Are They?
Topic: New Planets
If there is intelligent life out there, why haven't we found it yet?

Part 6: Encore
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Our debate panelists answer reader's questions about the possibility of complex life beyond Earth.
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