Ellen Stofan Named NASA Chief Scientist

Link: Ellen Stofan Named NASA Chief Scientist

Ellen Stofan has been named as NASA chief scientist. This means she will act as principal advisor to NASA Administrator Charles Bolen when it comes to science programs and science-related investments. 

Stofan has a long history with NASA, and has numerous publications and awards to her name. Her research focuses on the geology of bodies like Venus, Mars, Titan and Earth. She’s also involved with a lot of missions, including Cassini, Mars Express, and the proposed Titan Mare Explorer.

“Ellen brings an extraordinary range of scientific research knowledge and planetary exploration experience to the chief scientist position,” NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said. “Her breadth of experience and familiarity with the agency will allow her to hit the ground running. We’re fortunate to have her on our team.”

Check out the link for a cool NPR feature with Stofan about the Titan Mare Explorer mission.