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Microbes and Mass Extinction
Topic: Biosphere
A new study shows how microbes may be guilty of causing the largest known mass extinction in Earth's history.

Counting Calories in the Fossil Record
Topic: Biosphere
Why did the ancestors of clams and oysters flourish after one of the worst mass extinctions in Earth’s history while another class of shelled creatures, the brachiopods, sharply decline? By using fossils to calculate the food intake of both groups, scientists are one step closer to solving one of paleontology’s great mysteries.

Large Predators Roamed Oceans Soon after Permian Extinction
Topic: Biosphere
A new study shows that large predators roamed the oceans soon after the End-Permian extinction--suggesting that ecosystems recovered more rapidly than previously thought.

Ancient Food Webs Show Modern Structure after Mass Extinction
Topic: Biosphere
A new study reveals that an ancient food web was organized much like modern food webs--despite the 48 million years of evolution that separate them.

A Scientist Proposes New Naming System for All Life on Earth
Topic: Biosphere
A Virginia Tech researcher has developed a new way to classify and name organisms based on their genome sequence.

A Serious Threat for Arctic Biodiversity
Topic: Biosphere
A new study outlines how irreplaceable wildlife and habitats in the Arctic are under threat from climate change. The report includes work from 253 scientists from 15 different countries.

New Maps Reveal Locations of Species at Risk as Climate Changes
Topic: Biosphere
An international team of scientists has produced global maps showing how fast and in which direction local climates have shifted.

Mass Extinction May Not Cause All Organisms to 'Shrink'
Topic: Biosphere
A new study suggests that the sizes of organisms following mass extinction events may vary more than previously thought.

Adapting to Acidic Oceans
Topic: Biosphere
The world's oceans are becoming more acidic, changing in a way that hasn't happened for millions of years. But will marine organisms from tiny coccolithophores to king crabs change along with the waters?

Soil Microbes Alter DNA in Response to Warming
Topic: Biosphere
A microbial ecosystem altered its DNA to enhance its ability to handle excess carbon caused by warming, a new study showed.

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