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Hot Topic Solar System Sun
How to look into the Solar interior
Topic: Sun
Researchers have proposed an underlying mechanism in the Sun that could be responsible for sunspots and the Solar Cycle.

The Sun's Magnetic Field is About to Flip
Topic: Sun
Measurements indicate that the Sun's vast magnetic field is about to flip, and the event will have effects throughout the Solar System.

Glimpsing the Sun's Atmosphere
Topic: Sun
NASA's IRIS spacecraft has orbited around the Earth and opened the door to its telescope - providing scientists with their first view of the mysterious lower layers of the Sun's atmosphere.

The Unexpected Structure of the Heliotail
Topic: Sun
The Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) spacecraft has revealed an unexpected structure of the 'tail' that trails behind the Solar System as it moves through interstellar space.

The Last Survivors of the End of the World
Topic: Sun
A new study indicates that 2 billion years from now, as the aging Sun heats the Earth, life on our planet will only survive in pockets of liquid water deep below the surface. The findings could have implications in the search for life on distant planets.

The Sun Will Affect Mars Missions in April
Topic: Sun
As Mars passes almost directly behind the Sun next month, communications with robotic missions at the red planet will be diminished.

The Puzzle of Why the Sun is Hotter Away From Its Surface
Topic: Sun
Solar astronomers have long wondered why the Sun's atmosphere gets hotter, rather than colder, as you move away from the star's surface. High resolution observations are now revealing the mechanism that pumps energy into the Sun's corona.

Six Minutes in the Sun
Topic: Sun
This month, a NASA mission will make its third launch into space for a six-minute flight to gather information about the Sun.

Black Spots on the Sun
Topic: Sun
Astronaut Don Pettit continues his diary from Expedition 31 on the International Space Station. In this installment he talks about observing solar phenomenon from Earth orbit, and the continued care of the plants he has been caring for on the ISS.

Predicting Space Radiation
Topic: Sun
Astrophysicists have created the first online system for predicting and forecasting radiation in near-Earth, lunar, and martian space environments. The tool could be useful in predicting potential hazards for future missions to these locations.

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