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Hot Topic Solar System Mercury
Ancient Volcanic Explosions Shed Light on Mercury’s Origins
Topic: Mercury
More detailed data from MESSENGER shows that volcanoes exploded on Mercury for a substantial portion of the planet’s history. The findings suggest Mercury not only had volatiles but held on to them for longer than scientists had expected.

Mercury’s Contraction Much Greater Than Thought
Topic: Mercury
New data show that the innermost planet has contracted far more than previously thought. The findings are key to understanding the planet’s history and the structure of its unusually large metallic core.

Mercury's Ancient Magma Ocean
Topic: Mercury
Scientists have partially reconstructed Mercury's history over billions of years, revealing that the planet may have harbored a large, rolling ocean of magma.

Is this Meteorite a Piece of Planet Mercury?
Topic: Mercury
A team of scientists believe that they may have identified a meteorite from Mercury based on its composition and data from NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft.

New Evidence for Water Ice on Mercury
Topic: Mercury
Data from NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft supports the hypothesis that the planet Mercury harbors abundant water ice in its permanently shadowed craters. The finding is helping astrobiologists understand how water may have been delivered to planets like Earth as the Solar System formed.

Asteroid Fragments Could Hint at Origin of the Solar System
Topic: Mercury
Tiny pieces of rock captured from the astroid Itokawa by the Japanese mission Hayabusa are now being analyzed. It is the first time asteroid samples have been returned to Earth, and they could help astrobiologists understand the origin of the Solar System.

Mercury Helps Scientists Measure the Size of the Sun
Topic: Mercury
By using a spacecraft to time the transits of the planet Mercury across the face of the Sun, scientists have measured the diameter of our star with unprecedented accuracy.

Mercury is Mostly Iron
Topic: Mercury
New observations from the MESSENGER spacecraft have revealed that the planet Mercury harbors a very unusual interior.

Astrobiology Top 10: Messages from Mercury
Topic: Mercury
Astrobiology Magazine is highlighting the top 10 stories of 2011. At number eight, NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft returns a wealth of surprising data from the tiny planet Mercury. (Originally published 10/12/2011)

Mercury's Strange Hollows
Topic: Mercury
MESSENGER has discovered strange features on the surface of Mercury.

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