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A Star's Early Chemistry Shapes Life-Friendly Atmospheres
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
The chemistry of a star's protoplanetary disc could influence the later composition of planetary atmospheres.

Icebreaking Mars
Topic: Missions
NASA Scientists have outlined a new lander mission to Mars, dubbed ‘Icebreaker.’ According to their study, the lander could soon be ready to drill beneath the surface of Mars and search for signs of past or present life.

Continents May Be A Key Feature of Super-Earths
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Super-Earths could have active tectonics that expose land masses, and need not be water-worlds.

Future Droughts Worse than Expected
Topic: Climate
A new study is helping astrobiologists understand how climate change may shape the future of life on Earth.

How Mighty Jupiter Could Have Changed Earth's Habitability
Topic: Jupiter
Is Jupiter a friendly planet, Earth's enemy, or perhaps both?

Ripples in the Water in the Lakes of Titan
Topic: Titan
New observations of Titan show how varied activity at the Saturnian moon’s surface can be. One study could even feature the first-ever detection of waves on the surface of a sea beyond planet Earth.

The Importance of Plumes
Topic: Europa
An explosive introduction to Europa’s potential for life.

Mars in a Box: A Full-Spectrum Simulation
Topic: Mars
To gain insight into other worlds, we’ve re-created them here.

Out­-of­-this­-world: An Ocean on Enceladus
Topic: Enceladus
A new study provides spectacular evidence for a water reservoir the size of Lake Superior on Saturn’s icy moon.

A Question of Atmospheres: On Earth and Beyond
Topic: Spaceship Earth
Scientists have solved an enigma about naturally occurring aerosol particles in Earth’s atmosphere. What might the discovery mean in the search for biosignatures on other worlds?
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