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Could Natural Nuclear Reactors Have Boosted Life on This and Other Planets?
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Natural nuclear reactors have arisen on Earth and possibly on other planets. The radiation and energy released by these reactors would have had complex effects on any developing life.

Pluto's Hidden Ocean
Topic: Outer Solar System
NASA's New Horizon mission should be able to learn whether liquid water exists a hundred miles beneath Pluto's surface.

The Methane Habitable Zone
Topic: Alien Life
In the search for life elsewhere, many studies focus on finding liquid water. But what if life could exist with some other solvent? Saturn´s smoggy moon Titan makes scientists question the possibilities for methane-based life in the galaxy.

Looking for the Bright City Lights of ET Life
Topic: Alien Life
Researchers suggest that alien civilizations could be detected by the city lights that illuminate the dark nights on distant worlds.

An Alien Code Close to Home: Seeking ET Beyond the Radio Silence
Topic: Alien Life
The search for intelligent alien life goes beyond SETI's search for intergalactic radio signals. Some scientists are looking for evidence of technological footprints and biological clues embedded in the DNA of life on Earth.

In Search of Virus Fossils
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Have viruses been around since life first appeared on Earth? To learn about the history of viruses, scientists are exploring whether salt beds and hot springs preserve viral signatures.

The Hazy History of Titan´s Air
Topic: Titan
What rocky moon has a nitrogen-rich atmosphere, Earth-like weather patterns and geology, liquid hydrocarbon seas and a relatively good chance to support life? The answer is Titan, the fascinating moon of Saturn.

Mission to Mysterious Uranus
Topic: Outer Solar System
Scientists want to send an orbiter and probe to the ice giant planet Uranus, but do the resources exist to support such an ambitious project?

The Public Debate on Climate Change
Topic: Climate
Even after years of scientific research that points to how human activity is causing climate change, pundits, policymakers and the general public are still debating the issue.

Heavy Metal Stars Produce Earth-Like Planets
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Examining the wealth of data from Kepler, astronomers have seen a positive correlation between stellar composition and planetary formation, a correlation that could affect how we search for life in the universe.
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