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Astronomers Looking for Clues to Water's Origins
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
What happens at the birth of a star may determine whether water is commonplace or rare in other solar systems.

The New Wave in Exoplanet Astronomy: Near-Earths in the Near-Visible
Topic: Missions
Astronomers are getting closer to using ground-based telescopes to detect Earth-like planets in visible wavelengths.

A Wet Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
A new study shows that basalts from the Moon’s mantle contain hydrogen from water indigenous to Earth.

Two Suns Could Make More Habitable Moons
Topic: Alien Life
Close binary stars could host more habitable exomoons because of their calming effects on one another.

Could Alien Life Cope with a Hotter, Brighter Star?
Topic: Alien Life
Life could be orbiting rare F-type stars, despite heavy blasts of ultraviolet radiation.

A World in the Making
Topic: New Planets
In another step forward in the search for habitable planets, a team of researchers announced that they have located a large swarm of comets and gas moving in a cloud around a nearby star.

Breathing Life into the Ocean
Topic: Earth
A new study challenges the notion that a well-oxygenated atmosphere must pre-date a well-oxygenated ocean.

Climate Conditions Help Forecast Meningitis Outbreaks
Topic: Climate
Wind and dust conditions in Sub-Saharan Africa Africa can help predict a meningitis epidemic.

Super-Habitable World May Exist Near Earth
Topic: New Planets
Researchers say alien worlds may be even more habitable than Earth-like planets, what they say might be called "superhabitable" worlds.

Life’s Fuel Cells
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Researchers have built miniature metabolic fuel cells out of elements that would have been available to life on the early Earth.
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