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The Odds for Life on a Moonless Earth
Topic: Spaceship Earth
If a rocky planet has no moon, could complex life still arise? New research looks at the effects a large moon can have on a planet´s orbital stability over time.

Hunting For Worms From Hell
Topic: Extreme Life
Worms found miles underground in South African mines surprised scientists, because they never thought complex life could reside at such depths. These "worms from Hell" add to our understanding of life on Earth, and make us rethink assumptions about how complex life could be on Mars or other planets.

Sulfurous Signs of Life
Topic: Alien Life
Sulfurous molecules seen on alien worlds might indicate those distant planets host life, researchers suggest.

How to Keep Lonely Exoplanets Snug – Just Add Dark Matter!
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Dark matter, inferred to exist from its gravitational effects on the universe, is still a mystery to scientists. But a new study says that dark matter could help life evolve and survive on distant worlds outside of our solar system.

Countering Contamination for Mars Spacesuits
Topic: Moon to Mars
Laser pointers can be used to test possible contamination risks posed by the spacesuits humans will wear when they explore Mars.

Five Steps Toward Future Exploration
Topic: Missions
The NASA Astrobiology Science & Technology for Exploring Planets (ASTEP) program has announced a set of new projects to develop and test technologies that will enable the astrobiological exploration of the Solar System. By exploring Earth's extreme environments, astrobiologists advance the search for life on other planets.

Rage Against the Dying of the Light
Topic: Missions
Astronomers have found hundreds of planets orbiting far-distant stars, but the road to discovery has been rough, and often led to dead-ends. Geoff Marcy, a planet-hunting pioneer, stomped a few miles down this road at a recent exoplanet symposium.

Second Earth-Sized Planet in the Kepler-10 System
Topic: New Planets
The Kepler Telescope team has confirmed a second planet orbiting the star Kepler-10. The existence of this planet was suspected previously, but new analytical techniques were needed to confirm its existence.

Seeing the Planets for the Trees
Topic: Alien Life
A recent study says that a particular mathematical technique could be used to detect forests on extrasolar planets.

Scheduling the Unknown
Topic: Moon to Mars
How can the exploration of a Canadian lake, using deep-water submersibles, help NASA plan for the human exploration of Mars?
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