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Drilling Down into Mars
Topic: Mars
NASA´s Phoenix lander revealed water ice mere inches beneath the martian surface, and chemical evidence from the landing site strongly hints that the region is habitable. But learning whether there is life in martian ice will require drilling — and drilling on Mars will be anything but easy.

Alien Climates Play Key Role in Possibility of Life
Topic: Climate
A new study of how climate conditions have affected the origin and evolution of life on Earth could provide clues to understanding how climates on alien planets might affect their potential for life.

Mars was Wet, but was it Warm?
Topic: Mars
Mars is frozen today, but when it was young there may have been liquid water on its surface. What does the latest evidence indicate about the ancient martian climate? Understanding the past environment of Mars can help future missions "follow the water" in the search for alien life.

Europa´s Churn Leads to Oxygen Burn
Topic: Europa
Jupiter´s moon Europa has a salty ocean, and scientists have long wondered if life could be found there. One scientist says Europa also has enough oxygen to support an ocean teeming with life.

Water, Water Everywhere, but Not All Drops Have Life
Topic: Extreme Life
The search for life on other planets focuses on water, but researchers argue that – judging from our own planet – a large fraction of water conditions may be inhospitable to life.

Mars Contamination Dust-Up
Topic: Mars
A new study finds that microbes on spacecraft might be able to survive on Mars longer than previously thought. The key to their survival? Dust.

Up, Up and Away with Aerobots
Topic: Missions
Unmanned blimps or balloons flying for thousands of kilometers could offer a bird´s eye view of planets and moons.

Asphalt Lake Points to Possibility for Life on Titan
Topic: Titan
Single-celled organisms found in lakes of liquid asphalt may indicate the type of extreme life that could exist on Saturn´s moon, Titan.

Seeing the Closest Aliens Will Take Centuries
Topic: Alien Life
As telescopes become more advanced, we´ll be able to see more details about planets orbiting other stars – including indications that those planets have life. However, it would probably take many centuries before we could actually see the aliens.

Counting Titan´s Craters
Topic: Titan
Impact craters found on Titan could help scientists determine the age of this Earth-like moon and its potential for life.
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