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Shooting Meteorites in a Barrel
Topic: Meteorites, Comets and Asteroids
High-impact lab experiments simulate whether the building blocks of life could have survived the rough arrival on Earth via meteorite impact.

A Drop in the Bucket
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
A new technique is being developed to detect water in the protoplanetary disks of other solar systems. If successful, it would help in our understanding of how habitable planets form.

Detecting Our Martian Cousins
Topic: Mars
The possibility that life was shared between Earth and Mars could be tested with a DNA analyzer. One research team has built a prototype and plans field tests on a South American volcano.

Bringing the Definition of 'Life' to Closure
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
In the search for life beyond Earth, we should not expect to find life forms we´re familiar with. Determining whether something completely alien is 'alive´ could be a challenge, so a universal definition of life is needed. Biologists have yet to agree on a definition, but a new theory attempts to provide a solution.

More Money, and a New Path to the Stars
Topic: Moon to Mars
The Obama Administration plans to cancel NASA´s Constellation program that was to take American astronauts back to the Moon. Instead, NASA will oversee a competition among commercial space developers to come up with the technology to reach the stars.

Studying Titan´s Lakes on Earth
Topic: Titan
A new project aims to replicate the surface on the moon Titan in order to learn more about its hydrocarbon lakes. This study could also tell us about the chemistry that led to the origin of life on early Earth.

Microbial Life in Mars Analog Lakes
Topic: Extreme Life
The first microbiological survey of Mars analog lakes in Western Australia is offering new evidence of the diverse life that could have once thrived on Mars.

Solar System Shield
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Water vapor in planet-forming disks may block ultraviolet radiation from destroying water and other important molecules for life, according to new calculations.

Planning Our Phases on the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
As space agencies around the world gear up for a return of humans to the Moon, researchers are beginning to outline important scientific priorities. A new study at an impact crater in Canada is helping mission planners develop the most effective methods for exploring the lunar surface.

Shallow Origins
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
New research, focusing on shallow hydrothermal vents, is shedding light on a possible location for where life on Earth began.
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