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Fossils on the Edge of Forever
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Astrobiologists have not yet found alien life on other planets. But the fossil record has evidence of aliens of another sort: the Ediacarans that lived on Earth millions of years ago.

The Meandering Channels of Mars
Topic: Mars
Sinuous channels on the Martian surface may be evidence of relatively recent rainfall. Researchers plan to test this hypothesis by studying sinuous streams on Earth.

Keeping Mars Contained
Topic: Moon to Mars
When robotic spacecraft bring a sample of Mars back to Earth, scientists will need specially-designed facilities to study the samples and prevent them from escaping to the outside world.

Superior Super Earths
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Super Earths are named for their size, but these planets – which range from about 2 to 10 Earth masses – could be superior to the Earth when it comes to sustaining life. They could also provide an answer to the ‘Fermi Paradox´: Why haven´t we been visited by aliens?

From Greenhouse to Icehouse
Topic: Climate
A new study that reconstructed ocean temperatures from millions of years ago could provide new insight into how the Earth responds to climate change.

Hunting for Planets in the Dark
Topic: New Planets
A proposed space mission that aims to measure dark energy could also detect planets that current surveys are unable to find.

Discoveries in the Deep
Topic: Moon to Mars
Scientists from NASA and the Canadian Space Agency have been using Pavilion Lake as a testing ground for the future human exploration of other worlds.

The Stars My Destination
Topic: Missions
The Voyager spacecraft are now in the outermost layer of the heliosphere, traveling toward interstellar space – the first man-made spacecraft to travel such a vast distance from Earth.

Starring Intelligent Aliens
Topic: Alien Life
The most probable place to find intelligent life in the galaxy is around stars very similar to our sun, a new study has found.

Life's Ancient Island in the Ice
Topic: Biosphere
During the last ice age, massive glaciers covered much of our planet. However, a region of Alaska, Siberia and the Canadian Yukon remained ice-free. This region, known as Beringia, supported unique organisms and was an important haven for evolution. Now, scientists may have uncovered how Beringia supported such diversity at a time when conditions for life were harsh.
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