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Life’s Fuel Cells
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Researchers have built miniature metabolic fuel cells out of elements that would have been available to life on the early Earth.

Lobster-Shaped Extrasolar Oceans
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Habitable zones near red dwarf stars may be smaller than previously thought.

Alien Moons Could Bake Dry from Young Gas Giants' Hot Glow
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
A big problem for otherwise habitable moons is the heat radiating from their gas giant planets.

What Would A Rocky Exoplanet Look Like? Atmosphere Models Seek Clues
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Exoplanet researchers are working on a model of what types of atmospheres are typical for different kinds of planets. One of their goals is to better predict habitability.

Surviving Below Freezing
Topic: Extreme Life
Scientists have documented how a leech is able to survive cycles of freezing and thawing, and temperatures as low as -196°C.

Microbes, How Low Can You Go?
Topic: Extreme Life
It seems like anywhere you look on Earth, microorganisms are there – even kilometers beneath the Earth’s surface where sunlight never reaches. Scientists are just beginning to understand Earth’s deep subsurface biosphere, but a new study might help determine just how far down microbes can go on our planet. The results could also shed light on the potential for life’s origins in the deep, dark Earth.

The Spinning Compass
Topic: Mars
Mars has no magnetic field, and instead has small fields concentrated in the crust and scattered over the surface. MAVEN will help scientists understand how well these crustal fields protect the planet.

An Ecosystem Feels the Human Touch
Topic: Climate
Researchers have compared the effects of human activities with historic periods of climate change using data collected from wetlands along the lower Hudson River. Over the past millennium, humankind has had the greatest impact on ecosystem change at the study sites.

The World Above and Beyond
Topic: Mars
MAVEN sensors measure all aspects of solar input to uncover the many ways Mars loses its atmosphere.

New Evidence For Ancient Ocean on Mars
Topic: Mars
A new study suggests that large boulders on Mars' northern plains were delivered to their location via massive underwater landslides--bolstering evidence for an ancient Martian ocean.
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