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Death Rays from Space
Topic: Spaceship Earth
Life may have been significantly affected in the past by a cosmic ray blast, but researchers are still looking for the smoking gun.

Life May Depend on Galaxy
Topic: Alien Life
Intelligent life beyond Earth might not be as dim a hope as many scientists think, according to a new study challenging a widely held anti-ET argument.

Our Smashing Solar System
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Like messages in a bottle, grains inside meteorites carry clues to the history of our solar system. Some of these tiny crystals are older than the solar system itself. A new study has determined the age of a set of grains from one meteorite. The results seem to indicate a galactic disturbance may have triggered the formation of our solar system.

Return to the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is NASA´s first mission to the Moon in a decade and paves the way for the return of astronauts to our satellite. Forty years after humans first walked on the Moon, the LRO mission is returning images of the historic Apollo landing sites

Astronauts May Get Their Wheaties
Topic: Moon to Mars
Long-term spaceflight exposure doesn't change later generations of wheat seeds, new research found.

Wanted: Easy-Going Martian Roommates
Topic: Extreme Life
Mars is not for the finicky. If something does live there, it's likely going to be similar to the more adaptive life forms on our planet. A group of researchers is studying a particular microbe that they think could be a model for Mars life.

Lead Astrobiology Civil Servant position now available
Topic: Missions
James L. Green, Director of the Planetary Science Division at NASA, has announced that applications are now being accepted for the position of senior Program Scientist for Astrobiology.

Worms on ICE
Topic: Moon to Mars
A transparent roundworm experiment reveals biological effects of microgravity and space radiation, and could provide clues on protecting the health of human astronauts.

Linking Climate and Habitability
Topic: Climate
The change in Earth´s climate may help scientists better understand planetary habitability in general. Scientists are now learning how small shifts in climate can have dramatic consequences for the planet´s environment and the life that depends on it.

Exotic Life Could Sprout From Chemistry on Titan
Topic: Titan
A new study has found that hydrocarbon lakes on Titan could be good hosts for a certain type of chemistry that could lead to life.
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