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Exotic Life Could Sprout From Chemistry on Titan
Topic: Titan
A new study has found that hydrocarbon lakes on Titan could be good hosts for a certain type of chemistry that could lead to life.

Rock Bands Spin an Oxygen Record
Topic: Geology
The rise of oxygen on early Earth may have been caused by a microbial changing of the guard between methane-producers and oxygen-producers. This swap may have been initiated by a drop in the ocean's nickel abundance. Continuing studies of the world's largest iron ore deposits could cement the case.

Stellar Shrapnel Cuts Life Short
Topic: Spaceship Earth
If a star located light-years away explodes, it could take out life on Earth. A group of researchers previously proposed that this might explain a mass extinction event millions of years ago. A follow-up project is now trying to beef up the case.

Welcome to the New Astrobiology Magazine!
Topic: Missions
Is there life on other planets? What are the latest findings on Mars? Astrobiology Magazine has been reporting the latest and most exciting developments in science related to astrobiology since 2000. To provide the best experience for our viewers, we have designed a completely new version of Astrobiology Magazine.

The Search for Life on Earth
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
A great deal of money and effort have gone into searching for life on other worlds. But what if a second genesis of life, a type of life unrelated to DNA-based life, is here on Earth? Paul Davies urges the scientific community to take a look.

Scarce Shelter on Mars
Topic: Mars
Microbes that hitch a ride on a spacecraft might make it all the way to Mars, but a recent study finds they probably won´t survive for very long there.

The Search for Life in the Universe
Topic: Alien Life
The Space Telescope Science Institute recently held "The Search for Life in the Universe" symposium. Researchers in disciplines ranging from astronomy to astrobiology spoke about studies and space missions directed toward the search for life beyond Earth.

Looking for the Light of Life
Topic: Alien Life
With hundreds of extrasolar planets now discovered, one pressing question is how to tell if life resides on any of this galactic real estate. Researchers have found that a possible biosignature could come from life's preference for molecules of a particular handedness.

Searching for Meteorites in the Deserts of Oman
Topic: Meteorites, Comets and Asteroids
A group of Swiss geologists, who have conducted systematic meteorite searches in Oman since 2001, recently returned from their latest hunt. Their findings could provide valuable information about the early history of the solar system.

Move On to Mars
Topic: Mars
When will humans visit Mars? Charles Cockell, a microbiologist who studies life in extreme environments, believes we have the necessary technology to go today if we really wanted to.
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