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Fires in the Sky: MAVEN Satellite Looks for Mars' Missing Atmosphere
Topic: Mars
MAVEN will examine particles in Mars' atmosphere to tell story of the planet's four billion year old past.

New Species of Sea Anemone Found in Antarctic Ice
Topic: Extreme Life
In 2010, a team of scientists discovered a new species of sea anemones beneath Antarctica's Ross Ice Shelf. The new anemones are the first known to live in ice.

How Did Early Earth Protect Itself Against The Cold?
Topic: Earth
Early Earth appears to have had some kind of cold shelter against the weak young Sun, but how exactly did the atmosphere protect the planet?

Moon Mission to Continue
Topic: Moon to Mars
NASA has extended the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) mission for an additional 28 days. LADEE will now make the closest orbit of the lunar surface yet, gathering valuable data from low altitudes in the Moon's thin atmosphere.

Space Dust Carries Water and Organic Carbon
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
For the first time, scientists have detected water molecules on the surface of interplanetary dust particles. The findings open a new possibility about the delivery of life's ingredients to Earth and potentially elsewhere.

Lights, Camera, MAVEN: A Mission to Uncover the History of Mars
Topic: Mars
On a mission to shed light on the red planet’s lost atmosphere, MAVEN will use eight instruments, five deep dips and an eccentric orbit to capture the myriad the forces of sun, wind, charge and magnetism in action.

Cooking Up Life's Origin -- The Safer Way
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Researchers have published a simpler, safer method for conducting Miller-Urey origin of life experiments--which may still yield new insight about how life began on Earth.

Cassini’s View of Weird & Wonderful Saturn
Topic: Saturn
Members of the Cassini team explains images of Saturn's striking hexagon, the re-take of the Pale Blue Dot, and what the future holds for the mission.

Extraterrestrial Intelligence: The Challenge of Comprehending E.T.'s IQ
Topic: Alien Life
A new study offers intriguing glimpses into how we might someday assess alien cognition and sentience by better comprehending non-human intelligences right here on Earth.

In the Eye of the Beholder
Topic: Mars
Astrobiologists are developing ‘intelligent’ instruments that could help future robotic explorers make their own decisions about where and how to collect data. Although focused on Mars exploration for the time being, the technology could benefit missions throughout the Solar System.
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