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The Tough Task of Finding Fossils While Wearing a Spacesuit
Topic: Moon to Mars
Performing scientific field work becomes much harder while enclosed in a spacesuit, with limits placed on vision, hearing, touch and more.

Life Could Have Hitched a Ride to the Moons of Jupiter and Saturn
Topic: Outer Solar System
A new study suggests the possibility of transfer of life from the inner solar system to the moons orbiting Jupiter and Saturn, although very rare, cannot be ruled out.

Up in the Air: Hot Jupiters Highlight Challenges in the Search for Life Beyond Earth
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Astronomers have announced the confirmation of atmospheric water on five exoplanets. The accomplishment is a step forward in exoplanet studies, but also raises some new questions.

Current Events on Europa
Topic: Europa
A new study shows how the rise and fall of Europa's ice may bring evidence of life to the surface.

Ice on Ceres: 'An Interesting Paradox'
Topic: Meteorites, Comets and Asteroids
Indications that ice makes up a third of the mass of Ceres may make the dwarf planet the most easily explored icy body -- and NASA's Dawn mission is on its way there now.

The State of Super Earths
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Over the past few years, astronomers have found Super Earth planets orbiting different types of stars. One scientist has reviewed the latest discoveries for insight into how these planets form and whether such worlds could be habitable.

Topic: Alien Life
Studies of the history of viruses on Earth can inform our understanding of the possibility for life elsewhere.

Signs of Life on Dying Planets
Topic: Alien Life
If life does exist anywhere else in the universe, it may only be fleeting. Now scientists are researching how signs of life might look on dying planets.

When Planet Earth Nearly Killed All Life
Topic: Biosphere
A new paper reveals how the worst extinction in Earth's history may have been tied to the formation of Supercontinent Pangea. The catastrophe wasn't triggered by an impact from above--unlike another well-known extinction--but by a geological process below, deep within Earth's core.

How Habitable Is Mars? A New View of the Viking Experiments
Topic: Mars
A NASA-Ames led study sought to define the environment that the Viking landers sampled on Mars. Their results are showing a different picture of habitability than previously believed.
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