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Hot Topic Deep Space Cosmic Evolution
Continents May Be A Key Feature of Super-Earths
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Super-Earths could have active tectonics that expose land masses, and need not be water-worlds.

Astronomers Looking for Clues to Water's Origins
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
What happens at the birth of a star may determine whether water is commonplace or rare in other solar systems.

Lobster-Shaped Extrasolar Oceans
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Habitable zones near red dwarf stars may be smaller than previously thought.

Alien Moons Could Bake Dry from Young Gas Giants' Hot Glow
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
A big problem for otherwise habitable moons is the heat radiating from their gas giant planets.

What Would A Rocky Exoplanet Look Like? Atmosphere Models Seek Clues
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Exoplanet researchers are working on a model of what types of atmospheres are typical for different kinds of planets. One of their goals is to better predict habitability.

'Super-Earths' May Have Oceans & Continents
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
A new model suggests that large exoplanets may have both oceans and exposed continents -- conditions that could lead to an Earth-like stable climate.

Using an Atmosphere to Weigh a Planet
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
A new study finds that the mass of an exoplanet can be determined solely by looking at the starlight that passes through the planet’s atmosphere.

Up in the Air: Hot Jupiters Highlight Challenges in the Search for Life Beyond Earth
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Astronomers have announced the confirmation of atmospheric water on five exoplanets. The accomplishment is a step forward in exoplanet studies, but also raises some new questions.

The State of Super Earths
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
Over the past few years, astronomers have found Super Earth planets orbiting different types of stars. One scientist has reviewed the latest discoveries for insight into how these planets form and whether such worlds could be habitable.

Super-Earth or Mini-Neptune? Telling Habitable Worlds Apart from Lifeless Gas Giants
Topic: Cosmic Evolution
New models could allow today's telescopes to discern what elements and compounds are harbored in the atmospheres of mysterious, larger-than-Earth worlds.
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