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Hot Topic Exploration Missions
Icebreaking Mars
Topic: Missions
NASA Scientists have outlined a new lander mission to Mars, dubbed ‘Icebreaker.’ According to their study, the lander could soon be ready to drill beneath the surface of Mars and search for signs of past or present life.

The New Wave in Exoplanet Astronomy: Near-Earths in the Near-Visible
Topic: Missions
Astronomers are getting closer to using ground-based telescopes to detect Earth-like planets in visible wavelengths.

Brightest Bird in the Sky: The RAVAN Satellite Set to Fly
Topic: Missions
The RAVAN project aims to launch small satellites in order to develop a dynamic 3D model of Earth’s global temperatures.

Gaia Mission Could Help Map Exoplanets
Topic: Missions
The Gaia spacecraft, scheduled for launch on December 19, could be a bonanza for discovering exoplanets.

The Next Step for Astrobiology’s Roadmap
Topic: Missions
The Astrobiology Program has completed the first phase of development for the next Astrobiology Roadmap. Over 500 participants joined in webinars and discussions that will shape the future of astrobiology research at NASA. Today, experts will gather for a workshop to discuss the results of the online events.

Scouting for Not-So-Distant Worlds
Topic: Missions
A new telescope observatory -- the Next Generation Transit Survey -- will aim to study smaller planets such as ‘hot Neptunes’ and ‘super-Earths’ that orbit bright or nearby stars.

A Roadmap for the Future of Astrobiology
Topic: Missions
The NASA Astrobiology Program is now outlining the new 2013 Astrobiology Roadmap, which charts future directions for astrobiology research and technology development at the organization. The process has begun with a series of webinars and online discussions, and a call is out to the astrobiology community to join in the discussion.

Kepler Mission Down But Not Yet Out
Topic: Missions
Scientists involved in NASA’s Kepler mission reported today that the telescope is in “safe mode” and no longer able to make observations. While not officially "dead," this may be the end of the road for the telescope that has discovered thousands of exoplanets, many of them "Earth-sized"

Searching for Organics in a Nibble of Soil
Topic: Missions
An all-in-one chemical analysis instrument -- currently under development -- could potentially detect a single amino acid in a gram of Martian soil.

O/OREOS Nanosatellite Success in Orbit
Topic: Missions
In November of 2011, NASA's O/OREOS nanosatellite carried microorganisms into low-Earth orbit. The mission is now providing astrobiologists with valuable information about how the stresses of space affect life's ability to survive beyond our planet.
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