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Hot Topic Exploration Missions
Lead Astrobiology Civil Servant position now available
Topic: Missions
James L. Green, Director of the Planetary Science Division at NASA, has announced that applications are now being accepted for the position of senior Program Scientist for Astrobiology.

Welcome to the New Astrobiology Magazine!
Topic: Missions
Is there life on other planets? What are the latest findings on Mars? Astrobiology Magazine has been reporting the latest and most exciting developments in science related to astrobiology since 2000. To provide the best experience for our viewers, we have designed a completely new version of Astrobiology Magazine.

Destination: Ceres!
Topic: Missions
Plans are being drawn up for a low-cost mission to land on the dwarf planet Ceres. Known as the Ceres Polar Lander, it would examine polar regions and search for alien organisms.

Cliffbot Goes Climbing
Topic: Missions
From Astrobiology Magazine, European Edition is a story about a rover that can scale the steep sides of cliffs and craters. Developed by a group of NASA engineers, this three-rover system, modeled on tether-aided human climbing, could make such locations on Mars accessible for future exploration.

Drilling Down to Alien Oceans
Topic: Missions
A new method of exploring thick icy sheets and what lies below them has been devised. Combining a drill and a melting tip, this probe is particularly useful for exploring icy locations such as the polar caps of Mars and Jupiter´s moon Europa.

Searching for Earth
Topic: Missions
More than 250 planets have been found orbiting distant stars. Most of them are "hot Jupiters," giant planets orbiting close to their stars, unlikely places for life to take hold. NASA´s Kepler mission hopes to find habitable planets like Earth. Or, perhaps, to discover that there aren´t many of them around to find.

Robot Dives Deep for Sinkhole Slime
Topic: Missions
DEPTHX, an underwater robot capable of navigating without human control, has recovered microbial biofilm samples from the deepest water-filled sinkhole in the world. Microbiologist John Spear is looking forward to learning what the ‘bot brought home.

Power in Space: Time for a Biological Solution?
Topic: Missions
Conventional space-power systems rely on photovoltaics, batteries, fuel cells and radioisotope thermal generators. Are space technologists ready to take advantage of biological mechanisms as an energy source?

Astrobiology Magazine, European Edition
Topic: Missions
Brimming with new interviews, stories and essays, the Spring 2007 issue of AMEE focuses on French contributions to astrobiology.

Astrobiology Magazine, European Edition
Topic: Missions
Dive into the pages of the new Astrobiology Magazine, European Edition. This new magazine highlights the contributions European scientists make to astrobiology.
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