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Hot Topic Solar System Jupiter Europa
The Importance of Plumes
Topic: Europa
An explosive introduction to Europa’s potential for life.

Current Events on Europa
Topic: Europa
A new study shows how the rise and fall of Europa's ice may bring evidence of life to the surface.

How Deep Must Life Hide to be Safe on Europa?
Topic: Europa
Jupiter's icy moon is subject to constant and significant blasts of radiation. A new experiment attempts to determine how deep life must lay beneath the crust in order to survive. This will be important for future missions looking for life on Europa.

Acidic Europa May Eat Away at Chances for Complex Life
Topic: Europa
Oxidants from the surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa's might react with sulfides and other compounds in the moon's ocean, generating acids. This could make the ocean too acidic to support complex life.

Where in the World is Europa?
Topic: Europa
Before they can be sent out to explore planets or moons, rovers first need to be tested in the field. While there is no perfect analog for Jupiter´s icy moon Europa, there are various spots on Earth and elsewhere that are similar enough to conduct trial runs.

Hunting for Fossils on Europa
Topic: Europa
Jupiter's moon Europa has a salty ocean where life could exist. A thick ice shell separates the ocean from our exploration vehicles, and it´s not known how far down we´d need to drill. But why drill at all, when evidence for life could be lying right on the surface?

Europa´s Churn Leads to Oxygen Burn
Topic: Europa
Jupiter´s moon Europa has a salty ocean, and scientists have long wondered if life could be found there. One scientist says Europa also has enough oxygen to support an ocean teeming with life.

Dual Drill Designed for Europa´s Ice
Topic: Europa
NASA and the European Space Agency are sending a mission to study Jupiter and its moon Europa in 2020. There may be life in the moon´s ocean, but to find out a mission will have to be able to drill down through the overlying ice shell.

Europa on Earth
Topic: Europa
Cracks in the icy shell of Jupiter´s moon Europa contain sulfur-rich material. An expedition to a sulfur spring in the Arctic could help solve some mysteries about Europa – including its potential for life.

Unmasking Europa
Topic: Europa
We may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but hopefully we can judge a moon by its surface. A scientist who worked on the Galileo mission has written a new book about the scratched and splotchy surface of Europa.
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