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Ripples in the Water in the Lakes of Titan
Topic: Titan
New observations of Titan show how varied activity at the Saturnian moon’s surface can be. One study could even feature the first-ever detection of waves on the surface of a sea beyond planet Earth.

Antifreeze on Titan Could Affect Its Chances for Life
Topic: Titan
Scientists have found that a common antifreeze compound that might exist on Saturn's moon Titan can get trapped within ice-like cages. This discovery could influence our ideas about the evolution and development of life on Titan and other icy celestial bodies.

The Hazy History of Titan´s Air
Topic: Titan
What rocky moon has a nitrogen-rich atmosphere, Earth-like weather patterns and geology, liquid hydrocarbon seas and a relatively good chance to support life? The answer is Titan, the fascinating moon of Saturn.

A Water Ocean on Titan?
Topic: Titan
Oddities in the rotation of Saturn's largest moon Titan might add to growing evidence that it harbors an underground ocean, researchers suggest.

Asphalt Lake Points to Possibility for Life on Titan
Topic: Titan
Single-celled organisms found in lakes of liquid asphalt may indicate the type of extreme life that could exist on Saturn´s moon, Titan.

Counting Titan´s Craters
Topic: Titan
Impact craters found on Titan could help scientists determine the age of this Earth-like moon and its potential for life.

Life Without Water?
Topic: Titan
On Saturn´s giant moon Titan, it is so cold that water is frozen as hard as granite. And yet there is a complete liquid cycle of methane and ethane. Scientists wonder whether there could also be life.

Studying Titan´s Lakes on Earth
Topic: Titan
A new project aims to replicate the surface on the moon Titan in order to learn more about its hydrocarbon lakes. This study could also tell us about the chemistry that led to the origin of life on early Earth.

Exotic Life Could Sprout From Chemistry on Titan
Topic: Titan
A new study has found that hydrocarbon lakes on Titan could be good hosts for a certain type of chemistry that could lead to life.

Titan Triple Threat
Topic: Titan
The Cassini-Huygens mission has given us our best view yet of Titan, but this moon of Saturn still remains shrouded in mystery. A proposed future mission takes a three-tiered approach – using an orbiting spacecraft, a surface probe, and a hot air balloon -- to further explore the enigmatic moon.
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