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Titan: Stranger to the Familiar
Topic: Titan
When Titan was viewed beneath its hazy atmosphere, a new world appeared with a mixture of the strange and familiar. Some compared the landscape of pebbles to what has appeared on Mars. Others saw the clouds or speckled dark regions as indicative of methane rain or even surf.

Lakefront Landing in Crème Brûlée
Topic: Titan
For the first time, humans have gotten a close-up look at Titan, the planet-sized moon. Huygens, scientists say, has landed in soil with the consistency of wet sand or clay.

Titan Close Up
Topic: Titan
The European Space Agency has released the first 3 of several hundred images captured by the Huygens probe during its descent through the atmosphere of Saturn's giant moon Titan. They reveal a world of diverse landforms, shaped at least in part by fluid erosion.

Huygens, Phone Home
Topic: Titan
Huygens appears to be on track for its historic descent through Titan's atmosphere later today. The first of Huygens' images is expected to arrive on Earth shortly after 5:00 pm GMT (11:00 am EST).

Rendezvous with Titan
Topic: Titan
For nearly a decade, scientists around the world have been waiting patiently for the European Space Agency's Huygens probe to arrive at its destination: Saturn's giant moon Titan.

Landing Site for Huygens
Topic: Titan
The Cassini flyby of Titan has revealed complex landform boundaries and what many scientists hope is a rich source of oily lakes. Whether the January descent of the Huygens probe to the surface can target such shorelines remains a complex mystery to unravel over the next two months.

Titan: Where's the Wet Stuff?
Topic: Titan
One of NASA's goals in sending Cassini on its 2-billion-mile journey to Saturn was to search for lakes of liquid hydrocarbon that scientists believe may exist on the surface of the planet's moon Titan. The data are now back from Cassini's first Titan flyby. Did it find what it was looking for? Well, maybe.

Titan's Big Surprise
Topic: Titan
The Cassini flyby of Titan sent back the most detailed surface images, but the 1000 kilometer cloud formation near the south pole has scientists stumped.

Titan's Drumroll Please
Topic: Titan
The Cassini flyby of Saturn's largest moon, Titan, captured four gigabytes of data and images Wednesday morning. So far, the smoggy moon looks free of impact craters, shows streakiness or wind-scouring and harbors dark boundaries against a lighter 'shoreline'.

Titan on Tuesday
Topic: Titan
On Tuesday, October 26, the Cassini spacecraft will make its closest approach yet to Saturn's largest moon, Titan. Cassini will analyze the moon's thick atmosphere and take pictures of its mysterious surface.
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