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Hot Topic Exploration Moon to Mars
Worms on ICE
Topic: Moon to Mars
A transparent roundworm experiment reveals biological effects of microgravity and space radiation, and could provide clues on protecting the health of human astronauts.

Stepping-Stone to the Stars
Topic: Moon to Mars
There is fierce debate over the direction humanity should take when exploring the solar system. One argument claims that a "one step at a time" approach is essential, with Moon bases being the next key step.

Turning Lunar Dust into Gold
Topic: Moon to Mars
Scientists recently conducted field tests in Hawai`i of equipment and rovers to be used on the Moon. The goal was to demonstrate how astronauts might prospect for lunar resources and make their own oxygen.

Cold Storage for Alien Organisms
Topic: Moon to Mars
Some lunar craters may be perfect for preserving samples of life from Earth, and possibly even from Mars or other planets. Ancient organic remnants could have been delivered to the Moon as debris that was thrown into space after asteroids impacted rocky worlds.

Simulating Survival in Space
Topic: Moon to Mars
When humans are sent to Mars, will they survive the journey? People confined to close quarters for a long time inevitably get on each others nerves, and the fact that Mars is named after a god of warfare seems a bad omen.

Science by the Light of the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
Researchers, students and professionals from around the world gathered in July at the NASA Lunar Science Conference to discuss the future of robotic and human exploration of the moon.

Targeting a Lunar Bulls-Eye
Topic: Moon to Mars
Using Earth-based radar, scientists have studied ejecta material from the moon's Orientale impact basin. The new data has implications for future robotic and human missions to explore the lunar south pole.

A Vision for Exploration
Topic: Moon to Mars
Bernard Foing is chief scientist of the European Space Agency´s Research and Scientific Support Department. He sees exploration of our Moon as only the first step toward understanding the potential for life in our solar system and beyond.

Science vs. Exploration: A Piggyback Solution?
Topic: Moon to Mars
Which is a better investment, science or exploration? The question is almost as old as the space program itself, and answering it won´t get any easier as humans move toward establishing a lunar base. But could science be an inevitable outgrowth of exploration?

A Hitchhiker's Guide to Astrobiology
Topic: Moon to Mars
You're an astrobiologist standing in the centre of a vast, empty expanse of rock and dust pockmarked with impact craters. In order to accomplish your task, you've packed an entire suitcase. The question is what did you bring?
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