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How Safe is Travel to Mars?
Topic: Moon to Mars
A "worst-case" analysis shows that during a trip to and from Mars, astronauts would be exposed to levels of deadly radiation that are considered unacceptable by today´s standards. The danger arises from galactic cosmic radiation and the rare but dangerous storms of protons from the sun.

Linking the Earth to the Moon
Topic: Moon to Mars
Apollo turned our distant moon into the very edge of the human frontier, and rocks collected during that mission helped reveal the moon's evolutionary history. In this essay, Bernard Foing describes current scientific research that continues to teach us about the history of the moon.

Europeans psych themselves up for a trip to Mars
Topic: Moon to Mars
The European Space Agency doesn´t have any concrete plans to send humans to Mars, but they´ve already begun making preparations for the trip. A small Italian-French crew is currently spending a year in a remote Antarctic research station, to learn how to handle the individual psychological problems and the stresses on group dynamics that can occur under such difficult, isolated conditions.

Peaks of Eternal Light
Topic: Moon to Mars
If a planet or moon has only a slight rotational tilt, a tall mountain or crater rim can be forever bathed in sunlight. In 1994, NASA's Clementine mission found candidates for such "peaks of eternal light" on the moon's north and south poles.

EANA Budapest Blog
Topic: Moon to Mars
The European Astrobiology Network Association (EANA) brings various voices to discuss astrobiology issues and missions. Scientists from the 17 member nations recently met in Budapest, Hungary. This blog by Astrobiology Magazine's Leslie Mullen provides an overview of the workshop.

Riding in Magnetic Bubbles
Topic: Moon to Mars
It's the year 2027 and NASA's Vision for Space Exploration is progressing right on schedule. The first interplanetary spacecraft with humans aboard is on course for Mars. However, halfway into the trip, a gigantic solar flare erupts, spewing lethal radioactive protons directly at the spacecraft.

Splitting Cargo and Crew
Topic: Moon to Mars
The next generation shuttle, designed to support eventual lunar stops on the way to Mars, may benefit from a NASA concept to separate crew and cargo in future missions. Before a crew is sent, the cargo will be waiting for them.

Red Planet in Sensaround
Topic: Moon to Mars
An experience that few can imagine sampling is in some ways the simplest: to breathe deeply on another planet or moon. So what does Mars offer today to the sensory connoisseur?

Roam in a Day
Topic: Moon to Mars
Four prominent scientists are represented on the new Presidential commission chartered to study how best to plan a moon to Mars initiative. The commissioners repeated a need for crafting sustained efforts, while also considering an off-charter topic of how to sustain interest in space astronomy.

Earth Without Life?
Topic: Moon to Mars
The Mars Express spacecraft snapped a new panorama of the Earth and Moon in silhouette against a dark sky. The views back at our own planet reveal a blue dot, rich with oceans and clouds, but how does our planet's chemistry hold up for comparison to other worlds--alive or lifeless?
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