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Hot Topic Origins Origin & Evolution of Life
Digging Down Below the Tree of Life
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Genomic studies consistently show that all life on Earth is related, but our earliest ancestors may not have evolved in the same way we do now.

Life's First Taste of Phosphorus
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Phosphorus is vital to life on Earth, even though our planet doesn't provide life very much phosphorus to work with. Scientists are now studying how phosphorus biochemistry may have originated at the dawn of life.

The Origin of Life Challenge: Searching for How Life Began
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Three teams of scientists were just awarded private research grants to aid their search into how life began.

Channeling our Ion Past
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
To understand how the first cells transported ions across their membranes, researchers are studying simple channels used by fungi to kill off bacteria.

A Salt-Free Primordial Soup?
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Most scientists who study the origin of life assume that it occurred in the ocean. But a minority view is that ions in seawater may interfere with prebiotic chemistry, making a freshwater environment more likely.

Could Natural Nuclear Reactors Have Boosted Life on This and Other Planets?
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Natural nuclear reactors have arisen on Earth and possibly on other planets. The radiation and energy released by these reactors would have had complex effects on any developing life.

In Search of Virus Fossils
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Have viruses been around since life first appeared on Earth? To learn about the history of viruses, scientists are exploring whether salt beds and hot springs preserve viral signatures.

Amino Acid Alphabet Soup
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
All life on Earth relies on a standard set of 20 amino acids to build the proteins that carry out life's essential actions. But did it have to be this way?

Skeletons in the Pre-Cambrian Closet
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Researchers are studying some of the earliest skeletons in order to better understand the ancient advancement of animal life.

The Day the Algae Died
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
The P-T mass extinction may have been instigated by populations of algae dying. According to one group of scientists, this die-off of large numbers of relatively simple life forms caused a crash in the ocean's entire food web.
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