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Hot Topic Origins Origin & Evolution of Life
Stem Cells: The Next Generation
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Embryonic stem cells behave differently outside the pull of Earth's gravity, researchers suggest. These findings indicate why the human body deteriorates during long space missions, and warn that procreation in space may be fraught with peril.

Stepping Stones through Time
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Stromatolites are the most ancient fossils on Earth, and these structures built by microbes can still be found forming today in various places around the globe. Although they provide a straight line of life´s history from the past to the present, comparing modern and ancient stromatolites is not a straight-forward endeavor.

First Fossil-Makers in Hot Water
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Microbe mats in Yellowstone's hot springs may be living analogs of the primordial microbe communities that constructed the oldest rock fossils on Earth.

Bringing the Definition of 'Life' to Closure
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
In the search for life beyond Earth, we should not expect to find life forms we´re familiar with. Determining whether something completely alien is 'alive´ could be a challenge, so a universal definition of life is needed. Biologists have yet to agree on a definition, but a new theory attempts to provide a solution.

Shallow Origins
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
New research, focusing on shallow hydrothermal vents, is shedding light on a possible location for where life on Earth began.

Fossils on the Edge of Forever
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Astrobiologists have not yet found alien life on other planets. But the fossil record has evidence of aliens of another sort: the Ediacarans that lived on Earth millions of years ago.

Dinosaur-Killer was Soft on Algae
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Molecular fossils of algae in the so-called "K-P boundary" point to a very fast recovery of these organisms following the meteorite impact that killed the dinosaurs.

Zinc and UV Zapped Life into Being?
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
A new model for the origin of life says zinc may have played a vital role. If true, then the Sun´s UV radiation may have provided the energy necessary for life to arise.

The Search for Life on Earth
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
A great deal of money and effort have gone into searching for life on other worlds. But what if a second genesis of life, a type of life unrelated to DNA-based life, is here on Earth? Paul Davies urges the scientific community to take a look.

Reanimating Extinct Genes
Topic: Origin & Evolution of Life
Can evolution be played over again in the lab? A group of researchers plans to insert an ancient gene in a modern day bacteria and see if this gene will mutate back to its current-day form. The results will give insight into how unique the evolutionary path may be.
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