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Hot Topic Deep Space Alien Life
Life May Depend on Galaxy
Topic: Alien Life
Intelligent life beyond Earth might not be as dim a hope as many scientists think, according to a new study challenging a widely held anti-ET argument.

The Search for Life in the Universe
Topic: Alien Life
The Space Telescope Science Institute recently held "The Search for Life in the Universe" symposium. Researchers in disciplines ranging from astronomy to astrobiology spoke about studies and space missions directed toward the search for life beyond Earth.

Looking for the Light of Life
Topic: Alien Life
With hundreds of extrasolar planets now discovered, one pressing question is how to tell if life resides on any of this galactic real estate. Researchers have found that a possible biosignature could come from life's preference for molecules of a particular handedness.

Finding Earth's Twin: No Easy Task
Topic: Alien Life
Are there other Earths out there -- rocky planets capable of supporting life, orbiting sun-like stars at comfortable distances? NASA is about to launch a telescope designed to find the answer.

Ice Age Aliens
Topic: Alien Life
The light reflected off of vegetation could be a signal of life on an alien planet. Researchers have now shown that this plant life signal can be seen even if a world is in the midst of an ice age.

Intelligence: A Rare Cosmic Commodity
Topic: Alien Life
A mathematical model taking into account the limited habitable lifespan of the Earth suggests that four evolutionary steps were required for intelligent life to evolve. If this applies to other worlds, intelligent life may be rare in the universe.

Life on Frosted Earths
Topic: Alien Life
The search for life beyond the Earth is closely linked with hunting for habitable worlds. Astronomers have always hoped to find planets in the so-called "Goldilocks zone" around their parent stars, where the temperature is just right.

Listening for ET: Two Decades
Topic: Alien Life
The SETI Institute predicts that we'll detect an extraterrestrial transmission within twenty years. Within a year, the first thirty dishes of a huge telescope array will be operational, forming the basis of a giant ear that listens for intelligent beings in space.

Headshake to SETI Headfake
Topic: Alien Life
Did the famous screensaver, SETI@home, uncover the first strong evidence for an extraterrestrial signal? The SETI Institute's Seth Shostak discusses how hyperbole can misrepresent the last addition to a list of stellar candidates.

Ashes of the Phoenix
Topic: Alien Life
What had become the first systematic attempt to search for another world's intelligent radio communications has wound down. Project Phoenix will transition to more advanced search methods, but its pioneering status has become part of history.
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