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Topic: Robotics & A.I.
This is the second in a series of articles on a research project, Life in the Atacama, that recently began in Chile's Atacama desert. This article will focus on the innovative Hyperion rover that is being used in the project, a rover designed to travel for great distances, collecting scientific samples along the way.

Topic: Robotics & A.I.
Estimating the frequency for communicating with an extrasolar civilization is a multi-dimensional challenge. The answer, according to two scientists at the Hungarian Astronomical Association, is less like an equation, and more like a matrix.

Martian Rocks, Robot Retrieves
Topic: Robotics & A.I.
Remarkably, on average, one Martian meteorite lands on Earth each month. But finding these scientific treasures is not a job for a human, at least according to the Nomad robot - this week's entry in the Extreme Explorers Hall of Fame.
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