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Future Droughts Worse than Expected
Topic: Climate
A new study is helping astrobiologists understand how climate change may shape the future of life on Earth.

Climate Conditions Help Forecast Meningitis Outbreaks
Topic: Climate
Wind and dust conditions in Sub-Saharan Africa Africa can help predict a meningitis epidemic.

An Ecosystem Feels the Human Touch
Topic: Climate
Researchers have compared the effects of human activities with historic periods of climate change using data collected from wetlands along the lower Hudson River. Over the past millennium, humankind has had the greatest impact on ecosystem change at the study sites.

The Color of the Ocean: the SABIA-Mar Mission
Topic: Climate
By monitoring the color changes in the ocean, such as those caused by photosynthetic pigments in phytoplankton, scientists learn more about the overall health and functioning of our planet. Such studies also could help future missions better observe and understand alien oceans.

Comparing Climates: From Earth to Exoplanets
Topic: Climate
Scientists gathered at NASA Headquarters this week to discuss how Earth’s climate compares to other locations in our solar system and beyond. By highlighting the similarities and contrasts between alien environments, we may gain a better understanding about changes in our home planet’s climate.

Storms in the Machine
Topic: Climate
NASA researchers are constructing a statistical typhoon model that can quickly generate millions of synthetic typhoons from birth through termination. Their work could provide new details about the climate of Earth, and what the future may hold for life on our planet.

The Public Debate on Climate Change
Topic: Climate
Even after years of scientific research that points to how human activity is causing climate change, pundits, policymakers and the general public are still debating the issue.

Alien Climates Play Key Role in Possibility of Life
Topic: Climate
A new study of how climate conditions have affected the origin and evolution of life on Earth could provide clues to understanding how climates on alien planets might affect their potential for life.

From Greenhouse to Icehouse
Topic: Climate
A new study that reconstructed ocean temperatures from millions of years ago could provide new insight into how the Earth responds to climate change.

Linking Climate and Habitability
Topic: Climate
The change in Earth´s climate may help scientists better understand planetary habitability in general. Scientists are now learning how small shifts in climate can have dramatic consequences for the planet´s environment and the life that depends on it.
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