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A Question of Atmospheres: On Earth and Beyond
Topic: Spaceship Earth
Scientists have solved an enigma about naturally occurring aerosol particles in Earth’s atmosphere. What might the discovery mean in the search for biosignatures on other worlds?

Cosmic Rays Zap a Planet's Chances for Life
Topic: Spaceship Earth
Mysterious cosmic rays constantly bombard Earth from outer space. Now scientists find these energetic particles could limit where life as we know it might exist on alien planets.

Earth’s Cloudy Past Could Reveal Exoplanet Details
Topic: Spaceship Earth
The pattern of clouds on Earth is largely determined by the arrangement of the continents below. Now, astronomers are modeling the clouds at different periods in Earth’s past to better understand what alien worlds might look like.

The Odds for Life on a Moonless Earth
Topic: Spaceship Earth
If a rocky planet has no moon, could complex life still arise? New research looks at the effects a large moon can have on a planet´s orbital stability over time.

The Importance of Being Magnetized
Topic: Spaceship Earth
Despite its magnetic field, Earth is losing its atmosphere to space at about the same rate as planets that lack this protective barrier against the solar wind. Scientists now are beginning to question whether magnetic fields really are vital to helping a planet hold on to its atmosphere.

Death Rays from Space
Topic: Spaceship Earth
Life may have been significantly affected in the past by a cosmic ray blast, but researchers are still looking for the smoking gun.

Stellar Shrapnel Cuts Life Short
Topic: Spaceship Earth
If a star located light-years away explodes, it could take out life on Earth. A group of researchers previously proposed that this might explain a mass extinction event millions of years ago. A follow-up project is now trying to beef up the case.

Time to Collect the Corona
Topic: Spaceship Earth
If all goes as planned, the sample capsule from the Genesis spacecraft will be returning to Earth on Wednesday morning. The spacecraft has spent the past two years collecting the solar wind.

Aura Around Earth
Topic: Spaceship Earth
Overcoming technical launch challenges, a three-ton satellite named Aura, the third large satellite in NASA's Earth Observing System, is set to launch this week on a mission to study the upper atmosphere.

Topic: Spaceship Earth
When the crescent moon is just a sliver each month, the phrase--'old moon in the young moon's arms'-- poetically describes a marvel of nature.
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