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Hot Topic Solar System Saturn Enceladus
Out­-of­-this­-world: An Ocean on Enceladus
Topic: Enceladus
A new study provides spectacular evidence for a water reservoir the size of Lake Superior on Saturn’s icy moon.

Hot Debate over Icy Moon
Topic: Enceladus
The Cassini spacecraft spotted plumes of water vapor erupting from the south pole of Saturn´s moon Enceladus. The discovery has set off a heated debate over whether this tiny frigid moon has an ocean beneath the ice.

Ocean on Enceladus May Be Short-Lived
Topic: Enceladus
Three years ago, surprising evidence came out for an ocean underneath the surface of Saturn's moon Enceladus. But a new report indicates just how hard it may be to keep water from freezing on this tiny moon.

Enceladus: Grand Tours
Topic: Enceladus
Saturn's moon, Enceladus, was discovered two hundred and fifteen years ago today, but the Cassini probe has targeted this icy world for its lunar tour through the Saturnian system.
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