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Hot Topic Origins Extreme Life
Bugs From Hell
Topic: Extreme Life
Geochemists and microbiologists are delving into the details of extreme biochemistry deep within the Earth, where chemical and metabolic processes go at glacial pace, and life appears to be completely disconnected from the photosynthesis-based biological cycles that dominate surface life.

Life without Volcanic Heat
Topic: Extreme Life
An 18-story undersea vent off the Atlantic, near what has been called the 'Lost City', has recently revealed itself as ripe with exotic microbial life.

Test-tube RNA
Topic: Extreme Life
Research done by scientists at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research offers insights into evolutionary origins of life.

Café Methane
Topic: Extreme Life
In recent years, researchers discovered life also thrives in other, much colder, lightless deep-sea ecosystems besides hydrothermal vents.

Eating Kerogen
Topic: Extreme Life
A team of researchers discovered that microorganisms in Kentucky's New Albany Shale are eating kerogen.

Why Microbes Matter
Topic: Extreme Life
Research of possible microbial life on Mars can lead to advances in biotechnology and medicine.

The Invasion of the Deep-sea Microbes
Topic: Extreme Life
The microscopic life around hydrothermal vents may have an ancient heritage -- genetic comparisons suggest that modern vent microbes are close kin to the earliest forms of life on Earth.

Glass Munchers under the Sea
Topic: Extreme Life
A team of researchers recently announced that they have found the deepest-living microbes on the planet that eats into rock at the bottom of the sea floor

The Three Domains of Life
Topic: Extreme Life
When scientists first started to classify life, everything was designated as either an animal or a plant. But as new forms of life were discovered, the original classification was not sufficient enough to organize the diversity and complexity of life.

How Small Can Life Be?
Topic: Extreme Life
As advanced microscopes enable us to peer deeper into the realms of inner space, biologists have been faced with a vexing question: Is there a size limit on life?
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