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Hot Topic Solar System Mars
Mars in a Box: A Full-Spectrum Simulation
Topic: Mars
To gain insight into other worlds, we’ve re-created them here.

The Spinning Compass
Topic: Mars
Mars has no magnetic field, and instead has small fields concentrated in the crust and scattered over the surface. MAVEN will help scientists understand how well these crustal fields protect the planet.

The World Above and Beyond
Topic: Mars
MAVEN sensors measure all aspects of solar input to uncover the many ways Mars loses its atmosphere.

New Evidence For Ancient Ocean on Mars
Topic: Mars
A new study suggests that large boulders on Mars' northern plains were delivered to their location via massive underwater landslides--bolstering evidence for an ancient Martian ocean.

Fires in the Sky: MAVEN Satellite Looks for Mars' Missing Atmosphere
Topic: Mars
MAVEN will examine particles in Mars' atmosphere to tell story of the planet's four billion year old past.

Lights, Camera, MAVEN: A Mission to Uncover the History of Mars
Topic: Mars
On a mission to shed light on the red planet’s lost atmosphere, MAVEN will use eight instruments, five deep dips and an eccentric orbit to capture the myriad the forces of sun, wind, charge and magnetism in action.

In the Eye of the Beholder
Topic: Mars
Astrobiologists are developing ‘intelligent’ instruments that could help future robotic explorers make their own decisions about where and how to collect data. Although focused on Mars exploration for the time being, the technology could benefit missions throughout the Solar System.

Curious Results from Mars
Topic: Mars
A recent set of publications highlight findings from NASA’s Curiosity rover during its first four months on Mars. The studies provide new insight into the origin of water trapped in Mars soil, and the history of the martian environment at Curiosity’s landing site in Gale Crater.

How Habitable Is Mars? A New View of the Viking Experiments
Topic: Mars
A NASA-Ames led study sought to define the environment that the Viking landers sampled on Mars. Their results are showing a different picture of habitability than previously believed.

The Overprotection of Mars?
Topic: Mars
A recent paper argues that planetary protection policies guarding spacecraft from bio-contamination need to be re-evaluated because they inhibit a more ambitious agenda to search for life on Mars.
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