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Hot Topic Solar System Mars
Spirit finds its Pot of Gold
Topic: Mars
After a two-month drive, the Spirit rover finally got to the Columbia Hills, where mission scientists have found signs of the iron-rich blueberries that first hinted at the planet's water-history.

On the Road
Topic: Mars
NASA's Spirit rover is more than halfway through its one-mile trek to the Columbia Hills. Already, Spirit has logged the longest journey ever taken by a human-built robot across the surface of another world. The rover is racing toward the hills as fast as it can.

Mars: All Dressed Up
Topic: Mars
Once a human mission to Mars hits the drawing boards, the challenge of radiation protection will come down to what many consider high-tech suit designs. A student view of what technologies are available today is offered from the University of Alberta.

Second Opportunity
Topic: Mars
NASA's Opportunity rover has reached the rim of Endurance Crater and sent back an impressive panoramic image. The crater contains large bedrock outcrops that scientists believe are older than the outcrop at Eagle Crater and formed through a different geologic process.

Endurance, Over the Precipice
Topic: Mars
Opportunity scientists got their first look over the rim of Endurance crater, a remnant from an earlier time in martian history and about seven times larger than where the rover landed in Eagle crater.

Battle of Bounce Rock
Topic: Mars
When the Opportunity rover bounced off the only decent-sized object in view, scientists had a debate over whether they had landed on a rock or meteorite. They also had to consider whether their own hardware was dotting the landscape.

Biology Hanging By A Thread?
Topic: Mars
On Opportunity rover's 19th day on Mars, a strange thread-like feature was photographed in microscopic view. In an attempt to understand the Mars' thread, the science and engineering team set out to simulate it on Earth.

Matching Mars to Meteorites
Topic: Mars
Members of the Mars mission team have reported that a striking similarity has been found between meteorites found in Antarctica and one rock called 'Bounce' now being probed on the surface. 'Bounce' sits in the otherwise rockless Meridiani Planum.

Mars, King of the Hill
Topic: Mars
As both rovers get new software shipped from Earth, the mission to Mars has settled into a series of long drives towards distant hills. While Spirit goes for Columbia Hills, Opportunity will challenge itself to reach Endurance Crater.

Delayed Gratification Zones
Topic: Mars
In 4 billion years, the sun will become a red giant star. While that's sad news for Earth, the icy planets in the most distant regions of our solar system will bask in the warmth of the sun for the first time.
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