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Hot Topic Solar System Mars
Mars, the Evocative Garbage
Topic: Mars
Using cameras from orbit and on the surface, scientists have been able to find debris from all parts of the rovers' descent and operations. Leaving behind space hardware as these mobile laboratories travel towards the horizon gives pause to reflect on them as 'messages in a bottle'.

Methane on Mars?
Topic: Mars
Two ground-based telescopes probing the question, 'is there methane on Mars?', first gave intriguing results. Now as confirmed by the orbiting Mars Express, the hint of martian methane raises a few more questions since methane, as one of four biologically-important gases, does not survive for long on Mars.

The Best and Worst of Mars' Coverage
Topic: Mars
Reader comments on Mars missions coverage is compiled with a few answers from the scientists on the front-line of the most recent discoveries.

Different Flavors of Blueberries
Topic: Mars
Sampling five differently colored soil spots, the Opportunity rover team began seeing the variety of spherules or 'blueberries' that have scattered across the rover's landing site. As a key indicator that once a shallow, salty and acidic lake once gently lapped against these rocks, the blueberries are rusted and iron-rich.

Around the Hills in 90 Sols
Topic: Mars
The Mars Spirit rover will soon turn its first three months on the surface into an extended mission schedule. The team that had to rotate their sleep and work cycles to accomodate the longer martian days will get relief.

Opportunity Finds Beachfront Property on Mars
Topic: Mars
NASA scientists have determined that the bedrock outcrop in Eagle Crater, where Opportunity landed, formed in liquid water. The new discovery makes Meridiani Planum a prime target for future exploration.

Iron Blueberries
Topic: Mars
MER mission scientists have found hematite in the small spherical "blueberries" embedded in the rock outcrop near Opportunity's landing site. They speculate that the broad plain surrounding Eagle Crater, where the rover landed, may be littered with blueberries.

The Big Bounce
Topic: Mars
JPL's Tom Rivellini led the team that worked on engineering the successful airbag landing on Mars. His first person account of test and design iterations gives insight into how a complex challenge evolved into a fully-functioning lander on the surface of another planet.

You Are Here
Topic: Mars
The Spirit rover captured a unique perspective on the Earth as seen from the surface of another planet. Because Mars is beyond Earth's orbit, our home world appears to follow the Sun's path, which makes glare-free photography of Earth difficult.

The Case for Spirit's Water
Topic: Mars
If the Opportunity site was 'drenched' in water, the Spirit site also has revealed the interior of a volcanic rock called Humphrey, which shows evidence of perhaps bringing up subsurface water with magma.
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