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Hot Topic Solar System Mars
Mars Up Close
Topic: Mars
The Mars Exploration Rovers provide geologists with their first chance to do field work on Mars, so the rovers took along the space version of a common geologist's tool, the pocket magnifying glass or hand lens.

Picking on Mars
Topic: Mars
An ancient dry lakebed called Gusev Crater is a landing target for the Mars Exploration Rover early next year. The long arduous process of finalizing what are called paleolake sites is described, and the trip is surprising--from Paris to Mountain View, California.

The World Goes to Mars
Topic: Mars
The quartet of science missions headed to the Red Planet is now complete, with the successful Monday launch of the last Mars Exploration Rover, called Opportunity. Not since 1976, have multiple landers explored Mars simultaneously.

The Edge of Life
Topic: Mars
This is the first in a series of articles on a research project, Life in the Atacama, that recently began in Chile's Atacama desert. This article will focus on the unique habitats for life that exist in the Atacama and on how the project may guide the search for life on Mars.

Beagle Hunts for Mars
Topic: Mars
Europe's first probe to land on another planet--launched flawlessly late Monday night from the Russian Cosmodrome.

The Viking Files
Topic: Mars
Three expeditions to the surface of Mars have succeeded so far: the two Viking probes in the 1970s and Mars Pathfinder in 1997. As that total is expected to double with planned launches next month (2 NASA/1 ESA probe), scientists have periodically revisited what it might take for life detection.

Topic: Mars
Satellite photos of a bright dune in the Martian southern hemisphere show remarkable details of an unusual erosion pattern. Unlike rocky avalanches found elsewhere, the dune flows suggest to two German scientists that for a few summer noon hours, liquid water may carve up the dunes in a region called Russell Crater.

Countdown: Martian Traffic Jam
Topic: Mars
Three missions are headed to Mars over the next five weeks. All of them will hunt for evidence of water, after potentially bouncing on airbags.

Valley Networks: Connecting the Dots
Topic: Mars
New data suggest that Mars's valley networks are far more extensive than previously thought. That, according to one researcher, adds weight to the idea that Mars was once much warmer and wetter than it is today. But not everyone is convinced.

Hitchhikers May Have Thumbed A Ride to Mars
Topic: Mars
Could dormant forms of bacteria called endospores potentially travel from Earth to Mars aboard spacecraft? If so, new experiments suggest that even a dry and cold Mars might not prove so inhospitable, despite the possibility of self-sterilizing and oxidizing martian soil.
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