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A Pregnancy Test for Mars
Topic: Mars
The test that tells women they are pregnant might also be able to find signs of living organisms on Mars.

Mars Odyssey Finds Large Water Concentrations
Topic: Mars
Early results from the Mars Odyssey orbiter show the signature of large water concentrations.

Roses for the Red Planet
Topic: Mars
Scientists discuss the importance and the possible risks of seeding the Red Planet.

Life's Chemical Fingerprints
Topic: Mars
Using a technique called Raman spectroscopy, researchers are developing instruments that may one day search for life on Mars, Europa, or Callisto.

Return to the Red Planet
Topic: Mars
On Saturday, April 7, NASA's next mission to Mars is set to launch. The 2001 Mars Odyssey will investigate the history of water on the Red Planet.

Taking the Temperature of a Martian Meteorite
Topic: Mars
A chunk of Mars that was hurled to Earth remained cool enough to preserve any microorganisms aboard. So says a group of researchers who have examined martian meteorite ALH84001.

Can Liquid Water Exist on Present-day Mars?
Topic: Mars
Scientific consensus holds that liquid water cannot exist on the surface of Mars. But now a pair of scientists argue that liquid water in limited amounts and for limited times may indeed be present on Mars' surface.

Two Rovers in Search of a Landing Site
Topic: Mars
In the spring of 2003, NASA will send two rovers to Mars to search for signs of water in the planet's ancient past. But where exactly on Mars should they look for it?

Seeing Mars through a Test Tube
Topic: Mars
By recreating the Martian surface in the laboratory, NASA scientists may have begun to answer two questions: why the Martian surface is so red, and why organic life has not yet been found there.

The Greening of the Red Planet
Topic: Mars
A hardy microbe from Earth may one day transform the barren ground of Mars into arable soil.
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