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Hot Topic Solar System Mars
Did Ancient Mars Have a Runaway Greenhouse?
Topic: Mars
Cosmic impacts on Mars might have sent temperatures skyrocketing upward on the Red Planet in ancient times, enough to trigger a runaway greenhouse effect.

Martian Volcanic Glass Could Be Hotspot for Life
Topic: Mars
Water may have played a role in forming plains of volcanic glass that spread across nearly a third of Mars. The discovery of this volcanic glass could steer scientists toward subglacial lakes where martian life could thrive.

Bringing Mars Back to Earth
Topic: Mars
Rocks from Mars can teach us much about the red planet - its geology, its climate, and whether or not it ever hosted life. A new study says that looking for evidence of past life on Mars should be one of the driving forces behind a sample return mission.

Topic: Mars
When the Mars Science Laboratory rover ‘Curiosity” lands on Mars in August 2012, its SAM instrument will “follow the carbon” to better understand the past and present habitability of our planetary neighbor.

Methane Debate Splits Mars Community
Topic: Mars
Eight years have passed, and scientists still haven't been able to come to any consensus over purported detections of methane on Mars.

Microbe Risk When Rover Wheels Hit Martian Dirt
Topic: Mars
NASA's Mars Science Laboratory mission will use a new "sky crane" method to lower the SUV-sized rover onto the martian surface. This direct touchdown risks contaminating the Red Planet's surface with Earth microbes hitchhiking on the rover's wheels.

Out of Thin Martian Air
Topic: Mars
Mars has lost an ocean's worth of water, but to find where it all went will take satellites and computer models working in conjunction.

Seeking Life´s Imprint in Shifting Desert Sand
Topic: Mars
From the deepest past to the present day, the deserts of Morocco provide a panorama of life´s history on Earth and give us insight for our investigations of Mars.

Getting to Mars Means Stopping and Landing
Topic: Mars
With the space shuttle program reaching its end, scientists are focusing on technology that can take humans beyond Earth. All eyes are on Mars, but designing a spacecraft that can travel to and land on the Red Planet remains a prime challenge.

Testing Mars Missions in Morocco
Topic: Mars
Martian-like landscapes in Morocco provide testing grounds for the next generation of Mars exploration missions.
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