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Mars, Brought to You by Corporate Sponsors
Topic: Mars
NASA scientists and others think business corporations could bankroll a human mission to Mars. This raises the prospect that a spaceship named the Microsoft Explorer or the Google Search Engine could go down in history as the first spaceship to bring humans to the red planet.

A Strategy to Search for Life on Mars
Topic: Mars
One of the reasons NASA sends so many missions to Mars is because of the planet´s potential for life. Current missions search for factors thought to be necessary for life, such as liquid water and organic molecules, but some scientists now say the search for life itself should be the highest priority for the next decade of Mars robotic probes.

The Continuing Controversy of the Mars Meteorite
Topic: Mars
The fight continues over a meteorite that some say contains evidence of past life on Mars. Both sides claim to wield Occam's razor, believing that biology – or anything but – provides the simplest explanation of the Mars rock´s many strange features.

Airplanes Could Unlock Mars Mysteries
Topic: Mars
There are regions on Mars where the ground is much too rugged for a rover to explore. Instead, a robotic, rocket-powered airplane could be the ideal way to investigate some of these intriguing but as-yet inaccessible areas.

Mud Volcanoes on Mars
Topic: Mars
Spewing out material from deep underground, geological structures on Mars thought to be mud volcanoes could give scientists the clues they need to determine if life exists, or ever existed, on the Red Planet.

Drilling Down into Mars
Topic: Mars
NASA´s Phoenix lander revealed water ice mere inches beneath the martian surface, and chemical evidence from the landing site strongly hints that the region is habitable. But learning whether there is life in martian ice will require drilling — and drilling on Mars will be anything but easy.

Mars was Wet, but was it Warm?
Topic: Mars
Mars is frozen today, but when it was young there may have been liquid water on its surface. What does the latest evidence indicate about the ancient martian climate? Understanding the past environment of Mars can help future missions "follow the water" in the search for alien life.

Mars Contamination Dust-Up
Topic: Mars
A new study finds that microbes on spacecraft might be able to survive on Mars longer than previously thought. The key to their survival? Dust.

Detecting Our Martian Cousins
Topic: Mars
The possibility that life was shared between Earth and Mars could be tested with a DNA analyzer. One research team has built a prototype and plans field tests on a South American volcano.

How to Find Signs of Life on Mars
Topic: Mars
By studying the signatures of fossil life on Earth, geobiologists can get a clue of what to look for when hunting for extraterrestrial life on Mars.
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